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The Simplest Path to Growing a Profitable, SOUL-ALIGNED Practice Online...

With or WITHOUT Social Media


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May 16 - 20th

Learn how to use my proprietary formula to authentically grow your visibility, become an authority in your industry, and exponentially scale your practice or business online...

All while remaining aligned to your values, so you can make a positive impact on your industry and the world!

Learn How To...

DAY 1: Vision Casting: Build Your Entrepreneurial Success Blueprint

DAY 2: Stand Apart with Your Elevated Positioning Strategy to Cut Through the Noise

DAY 3: Build Your Authentic Visibility & Lead Generation System & Become Top of Mind in Your Industry

DAY 4:  Master Soul-Aligned Selling to Never Again Feel "Salesy" or Out of Integrity (your energy is better used to serve!)

DAY 5: Release Blocks & Re-Align: Maximize Your Impact, Revenue & Quality of Life in the Next 90-Days


  • Break Through Secretly Sabotaging Patterns Blocking You From Your Next Level of Success
  • Tap into your "Zone of Genius" to confidently + AUTHENTICALLY BE SEEN online.
  • Get Personalized Support to Learn How to Apply everything you learn throughout these 5 days to YOUR Business or Practice...

What does your daily marketing routine look like?

Does it include standing with the masses and tripping over all the trending tactics, feeling lost, or out of integrity?

Is it a bit of a day-by-day guessing game?

Or are you thinking, "Marketing routine? 😳 I don't have one. Ugh."

You can keep doing that... OR are you ready to learn how to leverage the power of your personal brand?

You could be...

✔︎ Consistently attracting & converting qualified leads with ease

✔︎ Rising up as a highly sought-out authority in your industry 

✔︎ Not tripping over all the latest trends, tactics

✔︎ Breaking through to make 6-figure leaps in your online business or practice

… All While Feeling Soul-Aligned!

Hey there, I'm Michelle...

(And that's Leo!)

I want you to know that there is a simpler path!

I know because when I first left my "secure" marketing career 7 years ago, I made every mistake possible! 

Initially, I thought "THIS IS IT – the answer to freedom!"

Not quite...

I’d left the job, all the red-tape, and restrictions, but I was working more and harder than ever before.


I was inconsistent.


I was overwhelmed.


I had become a master procrastinator. 

Truth is, I owned a low-paying job. And I felt like a failure. 

Fast-forward to now - I've built a successful coaching company that takes a holistic approach to business - where we teach entrepreneurs not only marketing and brand strategy, but integrate positive psychology, neuroscience, health, wellness, creativity, and energetics to help them create massive transformation in their business (and life!)

I did NOT do this by following all the latest hype and trends online.

Your strategy depends on YOU, your goals, and your "Zone of Genius." There's no cookie-cutter anything out there so please don't fall for that! And please know, there's no "easy button" here. Any path you take will require commitment. I'm the first to tell you that there's no over-night million-dollar success pill.

Here's what I'm bringing to the table-

I'm giving you my method that simplifies the process and helps you create a visibility and growth strategy that ALIGNS for YOU.

I’m also bringing my 15+ years of working behind-the-scenes in the Healthcare, Training & Development, and Coaching industries to help soul-aligned practitioners and entrepreneurs to authentically build brand visibility and connection online to make 6 figure leaps.

If this resonates, I'd love you to join me.

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"Where's the invoice? I should pay you for this – Seriously!" 

Dr. Andrea Leschak

Tammy enrolled FOUR new international clients from what she learned in these 5 days!

Coach Tammy Ward

Your inspiration, education and connection have been essential as I have lived inside the year’s craziness, getting laid off, and starting a new business. You are an authentic, welcome voice in my world and I am grateful for encountering you this year.” 

Cindy S.

My branding & coaching practice have felt so easy to follow with your straightforward marketing strategy!"


"This has helped me so much! I'm changing my way of thinking and unlearning what I was taught!"


WHO IS Michelle Rabell?  




Michelle Rabell is a co-creator of big visions! 

Michelle was a 47-year-old trauma survivor, single mom, and knee-deep in debt when she took the leap from her established marketing career to start her own business, which she sees as part of her own healing journey.

She now has a holistic business coaching company that integrates business with positive psychology, neuroscience, health, wellness, creativity, and energetics to help heart-centered practitioners, coaches, and entrepreneurs uncover and remove subconscious beliefs and make 6-figure leaps in their practice or business.

Michelle is a marketing and brand strategist, an international business coach & strategist, as well as a life transformation coach. She is also the Founder and co-owner of Biz.Life.Love. Coaching, and the creator of the Elevate 360 Virtual Business Incubator & Mastermind

Michelle has coached business leaders and created profitable brands for non-profits, international coaching companies, life coaches, executive coaches, acupuncturists, therapists, wellness practitioners, creators of women's movements, healthcare systems, and more.  

She shares her insight and know-how from 15+ years of working behind-the-scenes to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to bring in six- and seven- figures by leveraging social media and digital marketing. 

Michelle's mission is to help people walk the path of ultimate fulfillment and reach their highest potential by creating a soul-aligned business and life doing what they love. 

"We had no clue how to position ourselves, what our message was, how we'd attract our ideal clients, or what to include on our website. Working with Michelle was like having a dedicated coach, strategist, and guide on our team. Not only did we get our first ever summit off the ground, but we've now created, marketed, and hosted two successful summits, have a dedicated following that grows daily, and best of all we're sharing our message and helping others to create success doing what they love! "

- Anna Garrett, Co-Founder of Mediprenuers, CEO Dr. Anna Garrett, & Author of Perimenopause, The Savvy Sister’s Guide to Hormone Harmony

5-Day Workshop [Live on Zoom]

April 25th - 29th, 9am (PST) | 12PM (EST) Replays, PLUS Free Bonuses & Tools.